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(Not a) Writing Prompt: Green Ghost

I just caught this on the web, and the first thing I thought was oh, I need to learn more!1


Anybody out there knows this?
Any pointers?
Thank you, and happy Halloween!


  1. well, no – the first thing I thought is, I need to get one… but let’s put knowledge before ownership. 

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Free Swamp God on Halloween

Shoggoth by pahko

Shoggoth by pahko (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s Halloween!
Or it will be soon.
And to celebrate this pagan festivity, why not spend a few hours with the Swamp God?

Bride of the Swamp God, the first story in the Aculeo & Amunet series, is free on Kindle from the early hours (Pacific Standard Time) of October 30th to the late night (ditto) of November the first.

Now you know – tell your friends (and your enemies!)