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Music, not noise

It happened yesterday: a guy saw the light, understood that internet is taking up too much of his life, is too much of a distraction, and he wrote a post about it on his blog.
Then he shared it on Facebook, G+ and a few other social networks.
Basically he spent two hours on the web to tell the web he’s spending too much time on the web.

And yet, I understand the need to filter the noise.
Because the web is a precious tool – for working, playing having a good time or looking at the world.
But the noise is overwhelming.

So, my plan for this august is – turn off the PC for two hours every day, and go through my old CD collection.
Be it classical, jazz, pop, rock, eastern or western, I don’t care.
Music, not noise.

And I’ll start straight away.
Let’s see… Live, by Fleetwood Mac.

After all, my musical life begins with this record.


Seeya later!

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Getting ready for the Media Desert

As work on various projects continues, the dread Soccer World Cup approaches.
I’ve nothing against the sport itself – despite the fact that’s polarizing too much attention in my opinion – but not having an interest in it, I’m facing a long stretch of intellectual desert: nothing on the telly, cinemas closed when the Italian team is playing, 90% of the news focused on who’s winning, who’s losing.


The upside?
The pleasures of the desert – no people around, silence (punctuated, admittedly, by demented screams). Continue reading