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Not good, but very hard to kill: Blade of the Immortal

Hiroaki Samura’s dark fantasy Blade of the Immortal was the last manga that I bought regularly before I decided it was too expensive a hobby, and I did not like the local fandom anyway. The fact that the Italian publisher of the series went belly up halfway through the comic’s run was also part of my decision to let it go, and with it let go of the whole hobby for a decade or two.

But now, as I am digging into the Amazon Prime Video catalog, I was quite surprised finding there is an animated series, released as an Amazon Prime Original, and it can be viewed in Japanese with subtitles.
Well, why not?

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Another War of the Worlds: Revolt (2017)

As part of my plan to milk the Amazon Prime Video subscription for all it’s worth, and as a way to take a break from the rowers’ bench to which I’ll be chained for the next twenty days, I dug into the science fiction offer of Prime and came up with the very generically titled Revolt, from 2017.

And what the heck, this is a nice little SF movie, that looks and plays a lot better than the official budget of 4 million dollars might lead us to expect.

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Digging through Prime Video

Today I was feeling particularly lazy, and I decided to finally go through the Amazon Prime Video catalog. I have been a Prime subscriber since the word go, and I used it a lot to save on mailing expenses. But I’m buying mostly ebooks these days, and the few items I get through the mail maybe do not justify the continuing draining of about ten bucks a month from my bank account.
Ten bucks a month is 120 bucks a year – that’s a month of basic supplies or an electric bill.

So, the money Amazon Prime Video’s been getting need to be put to work – which means movies, TV series and music. Like, a lot of them.

And the first impact with the Prime video catalog was rather… uneven.

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