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The Hooded Man


The website Den of Geek published a long, well-detailed articles about the legendary (and actually quite good) British TV show, Robin of Sherwood.

I loved the series, and I was thinking about doing a post myself – it’s been thirty years since the last episode aired – but the Linos Cathryn Thomas piece I linked above is just perfect.

robin of sherwood

I loved the youthful cast, the mix of history and folklore-based fantasy, and the production values – ironic, considering the series was apparently done on a very tight budget. It also featured some first class writing and an overall magnificent cast.

So, check out the post, track down the old episodes, and – like the Doobie Brothers said – listen to the music…

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

7 thoughts on “The Hooded Man

  1. Not familiar with this. Sounds fun. The persistence of the Robin Hood legend has always been interesting to me. Speaks to something deep.

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    • Yes, the Robin Hood myth is very powerful – and this series plays on it quite elegantly.
      This one is very good -and very much a product of the eighties: Robin Hood as youth rebelling against old age, as old tradition fighting back newfangled ways, and as equality fighting privilege.
      In my opinion (for what it’s worth), this was the best take on the legend of Robin Hood on TV ever – and much better than the movies that followed suit.


  2. Sorry to be gettin’ in on this so late, but…..Never met a Robin Hood I didn’t like, but I certainly like some efforts better than others, and THIS TV series is my all time FAVORITE of all the portrayals! It just had a–how can I describe it–Down-HOMEY(if across the Pond) feel to it–the camaraderie of the cast was BLATANT! Great Robin HOODS(two!), great Little John, great Tuck, BEST Maid Marion ever(you really believed she could traipse about the forest every bit as competently as the male outlaws!) splendidly grumpy, short-fused Scarlett, the first “Nasir”-type character, OVER-THE-TOP Sheriff of Nottingham, and BEST Sir Guy of Gisborne yet–he was a pompous HOOT! BEAUTIFULLY filmed in REAL English forests(and everyone speaking in REAL English accents!); I could go on and on. And it has had an impact on every interpretation since–lots of imitations! I would never have seen this series except a dear friend pirated them for me off’n PBS on VHS tapes, lo, those many years ago(I had no TV reception in the isolated cleft in the mountains I lived in then….). It was one of THE FIRST things I ordered on DVD when I finally got computer access and acquired my first credit card(NOT so long ago…..) specifically to take advantage of Amazon. It WAS NOT a cheap purchase, but one I have never regretted making–ALL KINDS of extras on the DVD collection for us fans of the series! My pirating buddy, good as she was, never did get ALL the episodes(PBS may not have shown them all….), so I at last got to see the whole series on DVD. And YES, I have the soundtrack, too! You HAVE NOT really seen Robin Hood until you see “Robin Of Sherwood”!

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  3. …..I followed the trail to here over from “Frontier Partisans”, if’n you were wundrin’…..


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