East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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The Karavansara Free Writing Course

writing-course-iconThis is a writing course.
It is free, and offered to all those that would like to learn how to write stories.
Write stories, mind you, not be a writer.
If you feel like this course is not a waste of time, you can buy me a coffee.
But that’s for you to decide. This course was designed to be free, because you can’t sell a writing course that works, and this one does.

The core of the course is based on a piece of wisdom I got yesterday from my friend Mauro, that is a fine writer and game designer in his own right. I added a little fluff here and there, and stole a line from Ray Bradbury and one from C.J. Cherryh.
I might update this course in the future, and maybe even an Italian version, but for the moment, here’s what you need to know:
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Jake Bible on being prolific

four-weeks-cover-finalYou know me – I love (and sometimes hate) writing handbooks and books about writing in general. I have a huge collection and the fun thing is, there is a nugget of wisdom even in the most trite and blah of the How to turn yourself into a novelist books.
I especially like books written by authors I respect and whose fiction I love: Lawrence Block, Holly Lisle, Ursula K. Le Guin, Rachel Aaron, Chuck Wendig…
Or Jake Bible.
And I just got his Four Weeks to Finished, that is the sort of agile, no-nonsense book I expected from him.
If, as it looks, I’ll have to ramp up my production in the next weeks and months in the hopes of keeping my house from being repossessed, I know Jake Bible is the one that will provide some solid facts and a working method.

So, while I read the book (there go my carefully-planned writing schedules), you take a look at Jake’s page – and check out his podcast, while you are there.