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Tits & Sand Movies: Bagdad (1949)

bagdadpstrAnd so I went and watched again Bagdad, the 1949 Maureen O’Hara movie that was at the origin of the Tits & Sand movie genre1, at least according to the fiery-headed star.

But despite the risque definition, this is a romantic adventure, featuring exotic locales, a meringue-light plot and the required amount of chases, swordplay and Arabian Nights clich├ęs – despite pretending (without any conviction) to be a historical film.

Anyway – reader, I watched it.
Was it any good?

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Bagdad (1949)

Today, in loving memory of Maureen O’Hara, the trailer of a movie of hers she was not particularly fond of – the highly pulpy 1949 adventure Bagdad: a Bedouin princess returns home after being schooled in Britain, and has to unravel the intrigues surrounding the death of her father.
Nice and smooth.


The movie features a wonderful bad guy played with gusto by Vincent Price, as a bonus.

Talking about this feature, O’Hara coined the category of Tits & Sand movies – and I find it just wonderful.
We’ll have to talk about them, and maybe do a series of posts reviewing a few of these… ehm, lost classics.

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The Saint

Ah, the joys of old time radio!
here’s an episode from the radio version of The Saint – based on the caper stories by Leslie Charteris.
While I’m quite familiar with the classic Roger Moore TV series, I just found out that no less than Vincent Price played the role of Simon Templar on the radio.
And indeed the witty tone of Price suits quite nicely the character.
Here’s an episode.