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Tyrannosaurus Tex strikes again

I’m very proud to announce that Tyrannosaurus Tex, my first ebook ever, has been turned into an audio-drama by the fine folks of the Gallery of Curiosities podcast.
Narrated by Steve Sutherland, it is just fantastic.


You can check it out FOLLOWING THIS LINK.

And in case you are interested, Tyrannosaurus Tex is still available for dirt cheap on Amazon.


New life for an old dinosaur

ttexI am happy to announce that I have just signed a contract and that my old weird western, Tyrannosaurus Tex, will be turned into an audio drama.

I am very excited about this – because it’s good to see there’s still life in the jolly old animal, and most of all because as a fan of old time radio and radio dramas, it’s always been a little dream of mine to see (or hear!) one of my works dramatized for audio.

As soon as the work will be available, I will happily post links and what not.
For the time being, you can of course read the ebook – which is available for cheap on Amazon.



Tyrannosaurus Tex

ttexcover2smallI’m happy to announce that my somewhat steampunkish short story, Tyrannosaurus Tex, is now available, in English, through Amazon.

Because in spite of all the stuffed shirts in Harvard and Chicago and Konigsberg, the medicine men in the hills, the books and articles and all the rest of the stories, the Age of Reptiles ended on the twenty-ninth of October, 1879, when the last of the cursed beasts died in Moderation, Arizona Territory, shot in the forehead with a forty-four bullet in a regular duel.
I should know.
I was there.

The true story of how the Age of Reptiles ended – and How the West was Won – Tyrannosaurus Tex is a 20 pages, DRM-free ebook, and it goes for 99 cents – or the equivalent in your currency of choice.