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Terry & the Pirates, episode 1

Today something special – the first episode of the Terry and the Pirates serial, from 1940, featuring the delightful Sheila Darcy as the Dragon Lady.
I wrote about Darcy in the past, but I realized I never provided a sample of the serial in which I discovered her beauty.

You can find the whole serial on Youtube, both as single episodes and in handy chunks of seven or eight chapters bundled together.
This does not really match the comics, but it’s still a nice period entertainment.



Sheila and the Dragon Lady

Sometimes a photograph is enough.

It started with the wonderful – and costly! – reprints of Milton Caniff‘s Terry & the Pirates strips.
A classic of exotic adventure, a masterpiece of comic art.
Considering the extravagant price tags observed in the local “friendly” comicbooks store, I was thrawling through the web looking for cheaper deals.

The web being what it is, I soon found the Columbia Terry & the Pirates serial from 1940 – which is available in streaming through YouTube.

And in the movie serial Terry, there’s the Dragon Lady.
And she looks like this.


As I said, a photograph is often enough.
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