East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Looking for traveling companions (a guest post and want ad)

guestpostfeatToday, something different.
Carlos, one of the regular readers here on Karavansara, is looking for companions for a trip along the Silk Road.

Check out his plan, and if you’re interested, use this blog’s contact form (up in the right corner of this page), and I’ll get you in touch with Carlos.
Now, I leave the stage to him, so he will illustrate his plan…

I had a dream

When I was working in China, back in the nineties, when China was somehow opening to Western Industry, I often told my agent that I would like to travel through the Takla Makan.

Of course, being Chinese, my agent told me that he would be glad to organize the trip for me, and that we could go together, “when the right moment came”. And, of course, right moment never came. Either it was winter (too cold) or summer (too hot), or autumn (this autumn the moon is red, and we cannot travel under these circumstances), and of course, spring is the peak time for business.

So, I never fulfilled my dream.

Now I wonder if the moment has not arrived. I love deserts, I love to travel, I love adventure (but not too much), and I seek people with same interests. Continue reading

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Kigan Castle

The Italian poster played the Arabian Nights factor to the hilt.

The Italian poster played the Arabian Nights factor to the hilt.

Something weird today.
The short movie clip you’ll find below is the only thing I was able to find to show you something of Kiganjou no Bouken, also known as Kigan Castle Adventure, also known The adventure of Taklamakan.

The Adventure of Taklamakan is a thoroughly enjoyable, low-budget-but-great-fun 1966 movie featuring the great Toshiro Mifune.
The plot is a weird mash-up of ancient Chinese folklore, Arabian Nights style fantasy and a few dollops of Wu Cheng’en‘s Journey to the West.
But it’s actually based on a story by Dazai Osamu. Continue reading


The Treasure Hunter (2009)

Set in “the great desert northwest of China”, The Treasure Hunter, a Taiwanese fantasy adventure feature from 2009, is a fun movie with some minor drawbacks.

The story steals happily from a number of classics – from Indiana Jones movies and the Mummy franchise (unscrupulous archeologists, lost cities), with major nods towards Romancing the Stone (the shy woman involved in an outrageous plot), Highlander (some pretty Kurgan-ish warriors), the old Army of Darkness (a certain Raimi-esque use of camerawork), to old Spaghetti-western (costumes, sets). Continue reading