East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Workers’ Day

Today is Workers’ Day, and I’ll take the day off. I have a conference call in the evening, and I am planning future adventures, but for the afternoon I’ll just rest, read a book, listen to some music.
We need time to recharge our batteries.
I leave you with some nice music.
Have fun!

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Amazing Adventures of the Jive Aces

AA_coverHow come nobody ever told me about this?!
Better late than ever – I found out about this record just last night, and now I need to get me a copy.
Like, now.
I mean, a collection of original swing songs, by a British band, inspired by classic pulp themes and stories?
You must be kidding.

For starters, here’s a short featurette about the Jive Aces’ Amazing Adventures.
Which sounds exactly like my cup of musical tea.