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Mummies, asteroids and fatigue

Having set straight (hopefully) the first 150 pages of the second draft of my Ghostwriting Job from Hell in two days, I have spent yesterday afternoon and this morning writing a learned article about the Tomb of Nefertari, the beautiful (and resourceful) wife of King Ramses II. One of the perks of working as a freelance is the fact that often variety allows us to forget about the chores and enjoy the truly entertaining.
That’s the nice part – doing something interesting and fun, and get paid for it.

The Nefertari piece is one of three that I pitched to an Italian magazine – the first (already written and accepted) was about the canals of Mars, and the next one will be about surrealist fashion in the ’30s and movie costumes.
Spot the common thread connecting the three pieces, and you’ll get a prize.
No, not really.
But anyway… if you’ve got an idea, just write it in the comments.

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The Summer of Twenty-Sixteen

The next six weeks are know to bloggers all over the northern hemisphere as that yearly desert you have to gear up to cross without damage.
Summer is here, and a lot of people have better to do than sit around and read blogs.
Usually, the pace of Karavansara slows down to a crawl in these weeks, but this year I’m not sure I’ll shift to a part-time schedule.
There’s books I hope I’ll be able to read, hopefully there will be books of mine coming out – I’ll try and keep posting regularly.
Maybe do a little cleaning-up and redesign.
Maybe I’ll try and talk about other subjects – while trying to remain on topic – and explore some new ideas. Also, there’s a few experiments I’d like to try – to expand Karavansara in new directions.

Lawrence 4 Crossing

And what better time to experiment than summer, when there’s little traffic and few people around, and nobody would get hurt should something explode or crash or what else?

So, watch this space.
We are open for the summer – and we’ll try and have a good time.