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Not all the boxes were red, back then

I keep seeing posts on social media about people that wax nostalgic about the wonderful time they had as kids, playing D&D Red Box – what was at the time known as the D&D Basic Set. The long hours spent with their friends, the simple joy of adventure in a more innocent time, the thrills and the laughs and the excitement of being heroes in their own adventures, fighting monsters in a fantasy world.

My memories are somewhat different.

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Face to face with the Owlbear

I just wrote a short D&D-like scenario featuring an Owlbear.

OwlbearFor the uninitiated, the Owlbear is often considered one of the five silliest monsters in the old Dungeons & Dragons canon. But exactly because of this, I have a soft spot for it in my heart.

I was asked to participate in a project for a free, limited print campaign to celebrate a nice independent retroclone at the next Lucca Comics & Games fair…
The game, by the way, is called Antiche Leggende, and you can find more about it here.
And so they asked, and what the heck, I decided I’d do it.
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