East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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All that Weird Jazz

I am pleased to announce that the anthology All That Weird Jazz, published by the fine guys at Pro Se Productions, is available in both paperback and ebook, and it’s a collection of hits, featuring nine stories by Kimberly Richardson, MA Monnin, Ernest Russell, EW Farnsworth, James Hopwood, McCallum J. Morgan, Mark Barnard, and Sharae Allen. And one by me.

As a long time fan of jazz music, it was a pleasure and a privilege being part of this team, and I hope you guys will enjoy this fine selection of weird fiction.

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Not Exactly NaNoWriMO

November is crawling nearer, and soon the blogs and socials will blossom with news about NaNoWriMo – people posting their wordcounts, their progresses, their pains and their triumphs.
It’s ok, I guess.
I never took part in NaNoWriMo, because when I was a serious university researcher (you are allowed to laugh), writing was a leisure activity and I liked to keep it like that. And now that I’m a penny-less out-of-work researcher trying to pay the mortgage and eat once a day with my writing, my writing is at NaNoWriMo levels (and beyond) already, and it’s been like that since May.


There’s one secondary, backburner-style project that has been on my mind in the last few weeks, and that will be my own personal Not Exactly NaNoWriMo for 2016. Continue reading


The Ministry of Thunder is up and running!


The Ministry of ThunderIt should have been easy – pick up a drunk Italian in a fifth-rate Shanghai dive, and then deliver him unharmed to an Irish guy in Foochow Road.
A small simple job, just what Felice Sabatini needed to pay his way out of town.
Nice and smooth.

But this, of course, was before the guys in black pajamas, with their throwing stars.
Before the knife-fight in the back of a runaway rickshaw.
Before the gunfight on the bank of the Foochow Creek, and the dragon waiting in the depths of the river.
Before the Irish guy turned out to be a Chinese woman, and beautiful.

They said it would be easy.
Well, they lied.

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The House of Ka

51-HCjLLpWLTwo nights back I felt like celebrating a small personal victory, so I treated myself to a one buck ebook, and I got me The House of Ka, by Walter Bosley.

I was intrigued by the cover – and then of course the author runs the Lost Continent Library blog, so I was pretty sure I picked a winner.

The House of Ka is a 120 pages novella, and I read it in two sittings.
And very good it was. Continue reading

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Other People’s Pulp – Dime Novel Italia

dime novel italiaSo far, Italy has missed out on the pulp renaissance and the New Pulp movement.
There are authors that are writing pulp fiction – not in the “over the top Tarantino extravaganza” sense, but as in classic, popular, character-driven literature.
What’s missing is a community and, if you will, a generic label for the writers and readers to adopt.

But something’s moving – and I’m happy to point out the birth of Dime Novel Italia, a G+ group that might become the seed for something larger to develop.
For starters, authors, readers and fans have a place in which to discuss their genre.
More, hopefully, will follow.

The community is aimed at Italian speakers and covers the Italian market of new pulp and assorted “cheap” fiction – but feel free to drop by and say hallo!