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Other People’s Pulps: Lassiter (1984)

51QCMFGb+bLThere’s a movie I’ve been planning to┬ácover on this blog for a while now, and finally two days back I mentioned it on Derrick Ferguson’s blog post I shared.
The movie is called Lassiter, and it’s from 1984, a time when Hollywood (or thereabouts) rediscovered the old pulp genre. Blame it on Indiana Jones.


A straightforward caper movie with an espionage twist, Lassiter is set in London, 1939.
American cat burglar/cracksman Nick Lassiter (Tom Selleck) is blackmailed by the Yard and the FBI into burglarizing the German embassy, in order to retrieve 10 millions in uncut diamonds.
Add t the mix Lassiter’s ballerina girlfriend (Jane Seymour), a seductive and debauched Nazi femme fatale (Lauren Hutton), and a Scotland Yard inspector (Bob Hoskins) hell bent on seeing Lassiter in the can no matter what, and the whole set-up suddenly gets very complicated. Continue reading

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Character profile – Genghiz Kitty

Time to take a look at another one of the bad guys from The Ministry of Thunder.
A very dangerous lady.
It’s time to talk about Elizabeth Kalaratri von Hungern Sternberg, Lady of Khrom, Warden of the Agarthi, Mistress of the Migoi, Mother of Destruction, She That Must Be Obeyed.


The evil lady with the airship.
Sabatini calls her Genghiz Kitty.
It’s faster like that. Continue reading