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Original, on topic, impossible to misspell

Despite my continuing PC problems, I felt like sharing a good laugh with my readers.

tumblr_lymilaeYLF1r421yoo1_500Back when I was working on this blog, before launch, I spent some time thinking about the name.
The rule of thumb is, give your blog a name that’s original, on-topic and impossible to misspell.
It took me some time but finally I hit on a concept (the caravanserai, the place where travellers meet, rest and trade stories) and a suitably original name.
Yes, there’s a hotel out there with the same name.
And a minimal spelling difference would have taken you to a supplier of belly dance costumes and accessories.
But let’s just say that Karavansara is a good name.
Easy to remember.
Or so I thought. Continue reading