East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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The creative task for my Future of Storytelling course this week was quite interesting – doing a video presentation about my three favorite inspirational books, films or what.

Pity I’m technologically impaired at the moment – a power surge cooked my USB mike and all that.
And so, back to basics – a PowerPoint presentation, shared through SlideShare.
Here it goes.



How I became a hack, part two

I’m stealing a leaf from Barry Reese here*.
In yesterday’s post on his blog, Mr Reese posted the first two episode of the old 1964 Hanna & Barbera series, Johnny Quest – and he sent me down memory lane, big time.

So I dug around the web, and found out a 2 hours 20 minutes documentary on that old series that enthralled me as a kid.
The thing is available in small installments on YouTube.
And it’s great.
And I’m posting the link here.

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