East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Imaginary girls after one month

imaginary girls banner IGThe Imaginary Girls experiment has been going on for one month now, and I have published on my Instagram and on my Patreon five 100-words short-short stories associated with five photographs:

  • Livia
  • Cheryl
  • Michelle
  • Alice
  • Carol

The idea was to experiment with the format and do something a bit different with my Instagram, attracting a few new subscribers to my profile, and maybe to my Patreon.
The first month has turned out a 50/50 success: my Instagram (where you get the photos and the stories in English) saw a good increase in subscribers, while my Patreon (where you get the photos, the stories in both English and Italian and brief notes) basically did not cut it.

But a 50/50 success is more than I expected, and now that I have taken confidence with the format, I think I’ll be able to flex my genre muscles, and do a few science fiction, fantasy, horror, thriller and assorted pulpish adventure shorts in the coming months.

If you are interested, please check out my Instagram profile.
Or my Patreon (hey, it’s worth a try, right?) – there is even a dedicated pledge level, called the Imaginary Girls Mezzanine.

And now, here is a gallery of the first five images, plus the publicity banners I created for the launch of the project.

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Imaginary girls on Pinterest, and elsewhere

While you can still read my Imaginary Girls stories only on Instagram and Patreon, I am posting the inspiration images on Facebook (on the pages of my blogs, Karavansara and strategie evolutive – there should be a badge in the sidebar) and on a pinboard on Pinterest.
I hope this will bring new readers to discover my work.
And it’s fun.

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The Imaginary Girls are coming

I mentioned this a few days back: Imaginary Girls is a fun project, halfway between writing exercise and flash fiction.
The idea: take one photo, and write a 100-words story/character sketch based on it. A “drabble”, to call it properly.
Any genre. 100 words. Not 99, not 101.

instagram-logo-7596E83E98-seeklogo.comAs I said, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and now I feel like trying, and here’s what I will do: I will publish my Imaginary Girls on Instagram.
I did a little research, and found out that Instagram allows up to 2200 characters of caption for the images that users upload. Continue reading

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Imaginary Girls

Yesterday’s short bits about cities as people reminded me one of my old – very old – projects that went nowhere.
I’ve got a few of those.
The project was called Imaginary Girls, and it was partially inspired by a song by a long gone band called Danny Wilson, called – you guessed it – Imaginary Girl

He said an imaginary girl
Is so exciting
Marry an imaginary girl
And you need nothing
In writing

The idea was to write a series of drabbles, based on a series of photographs. Continue reading