East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Four Against Darkness: Heart of the Lizard

And so it’s out, and I can finally post the cover – that I had shown you a while back, I think – and a link to buy my novella Heart of the Lizard, the fist (hopefully) story in a series set in the world of Andrea Sfiligoi’s game Four Against Darkness.
The book is published by Ganesha Games, and includes a novella and a big appendix with all the gaming material you need to use in your games the magic, creatures, monsters and treasures you read about. Andrea wrote the appendix, and also illustrated the book.
The book is currently available as a pdf, with the paperback coming soon.

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Four Against Darkness

I spent a few delightful hours, today, playing Four Against Darkness, a dungeon-delving solitaire game designed by my friend Andrea Sfiligoi.

four against darkness ebook cover

Andrea is one of Italy’s foremost independent game creators, and the game is published by his own Ganesha Games. Not exactly a roleplaying game, and neither a choose-your-own-adventure book, 4AD is a highly successful hybrid, the sort of fast and fun pastime an old player in exile might like.
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Van Maanen’s Star

9a410eaaf9963756201434ccdb46df82_originalStar Eagles is a game created by Damon Richardson and published by Andrea Sfiligoi’s Ganesha Games.
Humanity faces an alien menace in this fun, easy-to-learn game of space battles.

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved very marginally in the project when I provided a few short snippets of fiction to spice-up the game handbook.
And as it usually happens, I found the universe interesting and worth exploring, and two characters, Tam and Lol, that would make it a fun thing exploring it.
So I asked Damon and Andrea for permission, and they allowed me to play in their backyard. The result is a story – hopefully the first of many – called Van Maanen’s Star.

privateers 1 cover 2

My first ever military SF story is currently available in multiple formats through Gumroad. It will also go up on Amazon, but it will take a little longer for the oompa-loompas to do their job.
Check it out.

ADDENDUM: the oompa loompa were as fats as hell, and now Van Maanen’s Star is also on Amazon.

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War in Space with Star Eagles

My friend Andrea mentioned it in a comment below, and I realised I have completely forgotten to point you in the direction of the Star Eagles Kickstarter by Ganesha Games.
Silly of me.


In the creators’ own words

Star Eagles is a science fiction action game of futuristic space fighter combat using highly detailed 1/285 scale miniature spaceships.

And it looks like a million dollars.
And it is set in a very interesting universe, so that you get not only the Zap! Pow! excitement of the fast-paced battle game, but you can also catch a glimpse of a deep setting, one that is granted to intrigue you.
It certainly intrigues me, so much so that I’m seriously thinking about writing a story set in the Star Eagles universe. I have a soft spot for the Osprey class gunboat…


For full disclosure, you should probably know that I was asked to write some fiction snippets to make sure those glimpses help the players get into the setting, and it was a blast.
But for the time being, check out the Kickstarter, and if you like science fiction and miniature games, be sure to back this project.


Dwarves, Halflings and Mushroom-men

A brief post to show you the wonderful cover for my forthcoming novella, A Storm Brewing, set in the gaming universe created by my friend Andrea Sfiligoi for his company, Ganesha Games.

This will be my first all-out “traditional”, high fantasy story in about fifteen years.
And given my tastes in fantasy and Andrea’s A Song of Blades and Heroes universe, it will not be that “traditional”, after all. Nor it will be very high, probably.


I love this cover, by the way. It’s absolutely perfect.
And yes, that’s an eyepatch-wearing, pig-riding whip-cracking halfling redhead girl in the background. Continue reading