East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Van Maanen’s Star

9a410eaaf9963756201434ccdb46df82_originalStar Eagles is a game created by Damon Richardson and published by Andrea Sfiligoi’s Ganesha Games.
Humanity faces an alien menace in this fun, easy-to-learn game of space battles.

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved very marginally in the project when I provided a few short snippets of fiction to spice-up the game handbook.
And as it usually happens, I found the universe interesting and worth exploring, and two characters, Tam and Lol, that would make it a fun thing exploring it.
So I asked Damon and Andrea for permission, and they allowed me to play in their backyard. The result is a story – hopefully the first of many – called Van Maanen’s Star.

privateers 1 cover 2

My first ever military SF story is currently available in multiple formats through Gumroad. It will also go up on Amazon, but it will take a little longer for the oompa-loompas to do their job.
Check it out.

ADDENDUM: the oompa loompa were as fats as hell, and now Van Maanen’s Star is also on Amazon.

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War in Space with Star Eagles

My friend Andrea mentioned it in a comment below, and I realised I have completely forgotten to point you in the direction of the Star Eagles Kickstarter by Ganesha Games.
Silly of me.


In the creators’ own words

Star Eagles is a science fiction action game of futuristic space fighter combat using highly detailed 1/285 scale miniature spaceships.

And it looks like a million dollars.
And it is set in a very interesting universe, so that you get not only the Zap! Pow! excitement of the fast-paced battle game, but you can also catch a glimpse of a deep setting, one that is granted to intrigue you.
It certainly intrigues me, so much so that I’m seriously thinking about writing a story set in the Star Eagles universe. I have a soft spot for the Osprey class gunboat…


For full disclosure, you should probably know that I was asked to write some fiction snippets to make sure those glimpses help the players get into the setting, and it was a blast.
But for the time being, check out the Kickstarter, and if you like science fiction and miniature games, be sure to back this project.