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La Brigade des maléfices

A French take on the X-Files twenty-odd years before the X-Files, I first saw La Brigade des maléfices in the late ’70s, on some low-rent local TV station. There were only six 55-minutes episodes of the series, and as a kid of ten or twelve I found it weird, baffling, and French. But I was thinking about it this last weekend, and I decided to do a little research on my own.

The basic premise of La Brigade des maléfices (more or less The Sorcery Brigade): there is a secret department in the French police system, that takes care of occult and supernatural events. Underfunded and derided by the colleagues, Inspecteur Guillaume Martin Paumier is an eccentric that occupies an attic in the Paris police headquarters. He can rely only on one assistant, Albert.

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Paris, when it sizzles

Cover of "Paris When It Sizzles"

Cover of Paris When It Sizzles

Paris, when it sizzles is the title of a movie featuring William Holden and Audrey Hepburn.
Weird sort of comedy, very strange development history, confused and yet fascinating.
Sort of meta-fiction way before anything even marginally meta-whatnot ever happened in movies.

Anyway, the title comes from a Cole Porter song (more details tomorrow), and it’s also the title of the pinboard I built to collect photo references, about Paris in the ’50s and ’60s, for my writing projects.

And here it is…
Some of the pictures are absolutely gorgeous.

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