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How Adventures Changed How We Think About Death

selection_555Now this is a topic, right?
Blame the Portent Content Idea Geneator, that spat this one out when I put in the topic “Adventure”.
And it works, in a certain way.
Let me see if I can get this going – and incidentally, by “adventures” I will mean “adventure fiction”, be it novels, movies, comics or games.

Now, death is a fact.
We all know that we are sitting in this grand theatre and watching this movie, and one day when we least expect it the lights will go out forever, and we will never see how the movie ends.
6186And to be completely honest, that’s what peeves me the most – not seeing how the stories that I see unfurling in front of me will go after I’m gone.
I subscribe to Roger Zelazny’s idea of immortality – eternal life is an eternal sequence of unique moments and experiences, so don’t come and whine about how an eternal life would, in the end, be boring.
Not for me, sorry.
I’m currently going through the roughest time in my life, and I’m having lots of fun.
I’m sorry there’ are other people involved, and I get some very bad moods and I’m often anxious because I could end up living under a bridge in a few weeks, but God forgive me, it’s also exciting.

Which leads us to adventure fiction. Continue reading

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Putting Portent Idea generator to the test

I just discovered the Portent Idea Generator, that is one of those things that are supposed to help bloggers do their thing, that is, write blog posts.


Portent Idea generator is a web-based thingy in which you drop a word, the subject of your hypothetical post, and it generates a full post title.
Then you write that post, and people loves it.
Or something.

So here’s what I’m gonna do, what with today being Mardi Gras and all that: I will drop five words in the Portent Idea Generator and generate five titles, and then write five posts… and see what happens as I publish them once a day through this week.

The words are

  • Adventure
  • History
  • Fantasy
  • Orient
  • Old Movies (yes, I know, this is two words, don’t hate me)

We start in a few hours. Let’s see what happens.
And I admit I have half a mind of putting in also

  • Tits & Sand

as a sixth input.

And yes, the title is misleading – this will not put the thingy to the test – it will put to the test my writing chops. Which is good, because we must test our chops once in a while (not bad – sounds like a fake Lao Tsu or Bruce Lee quote).