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Remembering Barbara Stanwick Blogathon: Escape to Burma (1955)

babs-remembringIt’s the Remembering Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon… first movie blogathon of the year for Karavansara, and a good opportunity to watch (again) a nice piece of old fashioned exotic melodrama.

But first things first – the Babs blogathon is hosted by the In the Good Old Days of Hollywood blog…
And here you’ll find the list of all the other blogs participating in this event. Check them out – Barbara Stanwyck had a long and very diverse career, and you’ll find all sorts of different movies.

As for us, here, we’ll take a good look at Escape to Burma, a 1955 RKO movie directed by veteran Allan Dwan.
Which is just the sort of thing we like hereabouts – pulpy, noirish, adventurous and shot in garish colors.
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