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Trying a different approach

I’m trying something different for my next story, and I thought I’d tell you about it because… ah, because as usual, doing these things in public forces me to go through with them, can’t make any excuse and waste my time watching Youtube videos and stuff.

So, I am about to write a fantasy story set in a world without gods, in which magic is devastatingly dangerous, and in which life conditions are harsh.
Really harsh.
Blunder-and-you’re-dead kind of harsh.

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Comic books turn your brains to pudding

According to the newly-appointed Minister of Education University & Research in my country, reading comics is a stupid way of spending your time, if you are a kid. He’d rather have the kids, during the summer, do their homework and

“…Better be stimulated by good readings and activities that will keep the brain active, vigilant, sharp and engaged.”

907125-U41106990816JeD--258x258@Quotidiano_Scuola-WebBasically, reading comics turns your brain to pudding, at least according to our Minister (that before he was a school administrator, was a Phys.Ed. teacher).
You can probably guess that I do not agree.
Mind you – reading a good book and doing something engaging1 is just great, and homework need to be done2, but this idea that comic books are inferior cultural products is so OLD. Continue reading


The direction in which we are looking

I am also reading a lot – because when I take a pause from my writing, translating or editing, a good book is still the best system to relieve my various pains and my screaming monkey mind. Get captured by a good book, completely wrapped in the narrative.
It works.


And right now I am going through a stack of (used1) books by Tristan Gooley, that I think are extremely on-topic here on Karavansara – because we are talking about non-fiction, and about traveling in the old days. Or traveling today, but the old way.
Adventure, but the real one. Continue reading