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Tits & Sand: The Thief of Bagdad (1940)

Let’s go back to Tits & Sand movies with the mother of them all – the 1940 version of The Thief of Baghdad.
And I know, there were Arabian Adventure movies before, but this one was and is, to me, the definitive item. Once again, this was a movie that was a staple of afternoon reruns on the telly in the ‘90s, and before that I saw it in a small parish cinema, and boy did it make an impression.
So be warned – I’ll wax nostalgic, or maybe not. But this is one of my favorite movies from way back when…

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Introducing Wilfried Veidt

Coincidences happen.
94f6d9d4cde6257a83120fc02820c26cFor instance – today my friend Lucy posted on her blog a piece on the classic Conrad Veidt movie, The Man Who Laughs1.
A movie that, Lucy pointed out, is mostly known as the inspiration for the character and looks of the Joker in the Batman comics, an nobody remembers Conrad Veidt, that was a high class actor, anymore.
We talked about Veidt, that I remember as Jaffar in The Thief of Baghdad and as Major Strasser in Casablanca, and I mentioned my intention to see Tempeste sur l’Asie, a movie featuring Veidt and set in central Asia and Tibet.

Then, going back to my writing, I decided that one of the characters in AMARNA needed a new name, and so, the character being very secondary, I logged into Fantasy Names Generator), and got me a list of randomly generated German names.
The top of the list was Wilfried Veidt.

It’s the sort of thing that just happens, but never fails to surprise me.
I wonder now what other surprises herr Wilfried Veidt, “an independent researcher associated with a German university”, has in store for me and my story.

  1. the post is in Italian, but Google Translate is your friend.