East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


Tits & Sand: The Thief of Bagdad (1940)

Let’s go back to Tits & Sand movies with the mother of them all – the 1940 version of The Thief of Baghdad.
And I know, there were Arabian Adventure movies before, but this one was and is, to me, the definitive item. Once again, this was a movie that was a staple of afternoon reruns on the telly in the ‘90s, and before that I saw it in a small parish cinema, and boy did it make an impression.
So be warned – I’ll wax nostalgic, or maybe not. But this is one of my favorite movies from way back when…

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In Calcutta with Alan Ladd

calcutta-433376140-mmedCalcutta was filmed in 1945, but released only in 1947. It is a noir movie that tries at being an adventure movie – or maybe it’s the other way around, an adventure yarn pretending to be a noir.

Neale, Bill and Pedro are three friends that soon after the end of World War Two are flying CNAC planes across the Hump, the flight route between Calcutta and Chungking.
Bill is about to get married, but is killed in Calcutta – strangled thug-style. Neale and Pedro start investigating. They will uncover a jewel-smuggling racket, and get into a lot of trouble.

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