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Phishers of Men

phishing_hThis morning I got a message from a pretty generic “services firm” handling the security for my email provider.
Due to some unspecified troubles, I was asked to send them my account details.
All of my account details.
Including my date and place of birth.
Including my password and the answer to my secret recovery question.

Only, they called it my “secernere” question.
“Secernere”, in italian, means “to secrete” – like in glands and stuff like that.
It was the most glaring in a variety of spelling and gramar errors.

Now, some phishers are so naive they ar almost cute.
But these guys were quite professional – had it not been for the bad Italian, I might have thought about… phoning the customer service of my email provider.

So I thought, why not?
And I replied to that mail. Like this

your phishing attempt was one of the best I’ve seen so far, but your decision to use GoogleTranslate sank any hope you had of getting my personal data. The language is sluggish and wooden, and translating ‘secret’ with ‘secernere’ makes me wonder if your primary language is not, after all, French.
Just in case, should you need a professional translation, drop me a line – I’m sure we’ll be able to arrange some way for you to pay me.

Who knows, maybe I’ll get me a job as a freelance translator for the mob.