East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai



No, not the old-musical-now-a-major-motion-picture-with-a-creepy-trailer Cats. I really mean the, you know, small killing machines that have domesticated humankind since the neolithic.
Cats, Felis domestica.

Yesterday, talking with a friend, I learned about an organization that works with cats, and that’s called Freddy’s Cathouse. I’m not swimming in gold, but I decided I’ll support them, because it’s a worthy cause, and comes with the recommendation of someone I trust. Also, I love the idea of being able to say I support a cathouse: Harry Flashman would be SO proud of me!
I’m also spreading the word, as you see – and I’ll try and see if there’s a badge I can place here in the sidebar for you to ignore.
I like cats.

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