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Binge watching

Almost everybody out there, if I must trust (and I shouldn’t) what I get through mi social media, is using the lockdown time to catch up on movies, TV series, books, comics and videogames. And really, why not?
We live in a media-rich landscape, and our old life forced us to leave behind a lot of stuff.

And while I was never a fan of binge-watching, as I mentioned previously I’ve been supporting myself on a steady diet of Chinese horror/adventure web series these days, courtesy of a Youtube channel that streams subtitled episodes. And I must say that in general I am impressed by the quality of the products I’ve seen so far.

So, the twenty episodes of The Weasels Grave gone in two nights of insomnia, I am now getting ready to start with The Wrath of Time.

Once again a story of grave robbers, monsters, curses and two-fisted archaeology, and being part of a franchise whose instalments apparently go back in time, this time the story is set in Chinese Republican times – back when warlords ruled and the China was in chaos.
I mean… it’s got to be fun, right?
I’ll keep you posted (especially considering that watching these series has given me a few ideas about writing I need to digest).

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A Grave for the Weasels

Two weeks ago I spent a weekend binge-watching Candle in the Tomb, a Chinese web-series about the exploits of a team of grave-robbers trying to find (and loot) an ancient lost city in the Gobi Desert. Despite the sometimes rough humor and the clunky SFX, it was a great fun – and for this reason, I moved on to the follow-up series, Candle in the Tomb: The Weasel Grave.

A long weekend approaches, and this is just what I need to keep my spirits up during my long sleepless nights.

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A candle in a tomb

According to an old saying among Chinese grave robbers, “The living light the candle and the ghosts blow it out”. That’s my story and I’m sticking it… or rather, that’s Chinese fantasy author Zhang Muye’s story, and by sticking to it, his first novel in the Candle in the Tomb series got six million online readers, and when it later was printed, it sold half a million copies.
More volumes followed, then an online videogame, and it was quite obvious that the movie people would come along soon afterwards.
Films were made, and then TV adaptations.

And last night, as I was once again dealing with my insomnia, I went through the first five episodes of 2016 the web-series that was based on Zhang Muye’s novels. The 35-minutes episodes can be found on Youtube, with handy English subtitles.

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