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The RPG Shelf: Ex-Machina

Before I left for Pinerole, I went through my roleplaying games shelves to look for some books to put up for sale at the traditional auction that closes the gaming event.
In the last years I have started coming to terms with the fact that sooner or later I’ll have to let go of my gaming collection, and the Pinerole Gaming Auction felt like a good opportunity for a general rehearsal of what’s to come, and also a good way to recap part of the money I was spending to go to the convention.

While I was looking for suitable candidates for the auction, I found a book I did not remember I had.
It felt weird.
First, the what the heck is this? moment.
Then the instant recollection, and the soft pang of guilt, because this was a game I liked a lot, but I have not been playing for over ten years.
I had all but forgotten about it.
The game is called Ex-Machina, and it offers me a hook to talk about an issue that’s close to my heart, wherever it may be right now.
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