East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Drachenstal: halfway report

I am terribly late – and the bout of flu did not help – but I’ve been working on the Hope & Glory: Drachensthal mini-supplement this last month.


The thing will be small but hopefully pack a nice punch:

  • a small gazetteer of the Grand-Duchy of Drachenstahl
  • a game Master’s section
  • a scenario
  • five quick adventure hooks

As all the Hope & Glory material, this corner of the world will also come with its own flavor – in this case, political intrigue and revolution. Continue reading

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Season’s greetings

The hardest bit of the End of the Year post is finding a picture too go with it, or a music video, or something.

The content is easy – this year easier than the last.
It’s just a big THANK YOU to all my readers.

2018 approaches.
The sixth year of Karavansara.
We’ll do stuff.
But in the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

And here’s a song that’s fifty years old. Wrong city, but a stunning voice…