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Autumn & De Lint


I am longing for Autumn.
I’m a guy for half-seasons, Spring and Autumn are fine with me. Winter is too cold and dark here where I live, and summer is too damn hot and lonesome.
But in Spring and Autumn temperatures are acceptable, and it rains, and the countryside has wonderful colors. And I tend to prefer Autumn because it comes without an extra of hay fever and allergies.


I was thinking about autumn last night as I was writing a scene in which two gypsy wagons cross a hilly country in late September. I knew what I was looking to achieve, but I failed to.
7292936So I thrashed the stuff I had wrote and I picked up the first Charles De Lint book I was able to reach – as luck would have it, The Very Best of Charles De Lint.
Now I’m not sure what it is that causes De Lint and Autumn to pop together in my mind when I think about it – I’m quite certain there are De Lint stories set in Winter, and Summer, and every other season. But I tend to associate the author and the season like that.

I needed some De Lint.
Against the noise of the web, and the aggressiveness, and the sense of desperation that comes from interacting with people that is, and quite obviously, scared and angry and looking for a fight.
The political situation’s not that bright in my country, and it’s starting to show.
Them vs Us and all that sort of rubbish.
Cheaper than solving the problems, I guess.

Reading the Newford stories by Charles De Lint works as a reminder that people are good. The characters in his stories are mostly decent people, often facing the supernatural with wide-eyed wonder.
It’s important to remember most people are actually quite normal, decent people. Facebook wants us to forget, and does everything it can to make us forget.

So I read some Charles De Lint.
I’d give one arm to be able to write characters as he does – and while I can’t, I can still read his stories, and try to learn and, should I not learn, the fun and pleasure of the stories would be compensation enough.

And so, apart from suggesting you go out there and get yourself a Charles De Lint book, I think I’ll share this interview to the author, straight from YouTube.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

2 thoughts on “Autumn & De Lint

  1. Haven’t read de Lint for many years. I liked everything I read and totally get what you mean by “autumn author.” I love his connection with traditional music, too.

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    • You should check out his latest novels, as he moved the action to the American South West, and there is a lot of local folklore and traditions in his stories (as usual).
      And he also recorded an album, recently, playing his own brand of blues.


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