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Two-months review

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It’s been a busy two months, December 2017 and January 2018, two months during which I finally put to work the fast internet connection activated in October and I started my online courses. Two months during which the first phase of the AMARNA project started, and of course the first two months on Patreon.
With this post, I will try to give a brief overview of these two months, focusing on Patreon in particular.

unnamedWe started with the wrong sort of bang, with the news, hailed by protests and petitions, that Patreon had decided to change the billing criteria, punishing the small creators and patrons. Then Patreon happily did an about-turn.
So, how did it go?
They told me that it would not work, and instead I find myself 25 followers, who with their support have paid me all the bills in the last two months.
If you remember1, I explained that for me Patreon is a source of peace of mind – no panic attacks, no bill-related anxiety bill, no from here to the end of the month only spaghetti. More time and more lucidity to write.
I am extremely grateful to my supporters on Patreon, not only for the damned money, but above all for the trust they are showing me.
agent of the star chamber (2)In these two months, their kindness has brought them, 34 posts, almost 4 per week.
My supporters were able to preview some of the illustrations for Hope & Glory and the covers of some of my works in progress, they received free stories – 4 at the moment, two in Italian and two in English – and discounts on my new releases.
So far nobody complained.
We have even tried to set up a chat to get to know each other, but times and technical problems have stopped us – for now.
Coming soon?
More stories, more previews, a bit of behind-the-scenes, and as soon as my voice will be back to normal after the flu, short podcasts.

My courses are going strong – the self-publishing course has six students, and the forthcoming worldbuilding already has eight.
I’m designing new courses, right now, and I’d like to experiment with shorter, cheaper workshops – maybe also in English.
Watch this space.

Amarna preview smallThe second episode of AMARNA will hit the shelves between the 15th and the 20th of this month – amazon oompa loompas permitting – and at that point we’ll be firing on all cylinders. I’ll step up the promotion, and hopefully the thing will get off the ground. I’ll also start evaluating if the demand is enough to start a crowdfunding for an Italian version.
If nothing else, I’m having lots of fun writing this.

Meanwhile, I’m working on other stories, both for traditional publishing and for self-publishing.
And I still owe a story to my supporter on the crowdfunding of Santi & Fattucchiere, the first Italian-language BUSCAFUSCO short novel – I hope they will forgive me for the delay: apart from all the other commitments, I’m working to place Buscafusco’s novel with an American publisher. Fingers crossed and all that.

And this is the balance of the last two months.
As we zoom along the façade of the skyscraper, as we pass every new floor we repeat “so far so good … so far so good …”

  1. if you do not remember, I’m sure WordPress will put a link below. 

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

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