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The World Adventurers Club and the OTRR Group


I guess my friend Claire will love this one.
I recently discovered the Old Time Radio Research Group (aka OTRR Group), a band of old time radio enthusiasts that maintain what they describe as the most accurate archive of OTR series in the world.


Which is quite the thing – and in these evenings, while Italy was being besieged by the San Remo Music Festival, I slipped back into the past thanks to a pretty fun radio series from 1932, called World Adventurers Club.otrr_certified_world_adventurers_club

Using the old classic club setting popular with old storytellers (think Jorkens by Lord Dunsany), the series features “reports” from members of the eponymous club. In short and sweet 15-minutes episodes we get stuff like

“Papua Escape”. One of the members of the World Adventurers Chub relates his most exciting adventure: a story of escape from head-hunters in New Guinea.

but also

“Manchurian Limited”. The Manchurian Limited with a trainload of dynamite traveling through hostile China.

and what about

“Hairy Wild Man”. A story that takes place in the Gobi desert of Mongolia and a Doctor’s attempt to cross a man and a ape to produce the missing link.

Just wow.
Part of the fun is the voice talent used for each episode, so that different narrators, suited to the theme and style of the story. And while nicely detailed and well-researched as these things go, the 21 episodes (as to say, the total run of the show) are still, of course, completely fictional.
Just saying, in case you thought that bit of man/ape missing link stuff was… ouch, creepy.

The audio quality is quite good, and this, just like every other series curated by the fine folks of the OTRR Group, is available for free download through the Internet Archive or through the absolutely impressive OTRR Library.
The OTRR guys even provide us with CD covers for their collections.
And exploring the collections is another great source of fun.


Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

2 thoughts on “The World Adventurers Club and the OTRR Group

  1. I can vouch for OTRRG and their important work for Old-Time Radio — it’s always worth the while to listen to so many great shows and super talent. The entire Golden Age of Radio started in the 1930’s and ended on September 30, 1962 — ‘Suspense’ and ‘Yours Truly Johnny Dollar’ both broadcast their final series-closing and era-ending episodes on that date. Scarcely 25 years for the entire era. I’ll call it the Cambrian Explosion of radio.
    I feel proud to have introduced Karavansara readers to the inimitable “Pat Novak for Hire” right here in the Karavansara. My thanks again for devoting a post to that much too under-known and brief a series.
    And it turns out that your OTRRG link can also take you to their WordPress blog. Those guys don’t miss much 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pat Novak was a great find!
      And yes, it’s incredible how much was created in that short a span. We are lucky that someone is preserving the memory. It would have been a great loss had the shows been deleted or forgotten.

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