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Things to come

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Things are getting bigger, fast.
A quick recap.

7c65cbd4602cab352cdd9ed537e0af14I’m working on my new novel – working title, Matter/Energy, a hard science fiction adventure set in the Mediterranean area but aimed at an international audience.
I’m going at a nice clip, doing about 2000 words a day on the first draft (thanks, Scrivener), speed is increasing, and the thing looks promising: some good dialogue is developing, characters are fine, some great science and a very fun venue.
I’m also enjoying the fact of writing a novel with a strong woman as the main character.
Expect periodic updates as the project grows.

Meanwhile I’m nailing the boxes shut for my stories for Pro Se Press – having tested the patience of my editors to the limit, and beyond.

aculeo&amunetAND I’m writing a new Aculeo & Amunet story, aimed at an American anthology.
Typing with fingers crossed is hard, but typing I am, while keeping my fingers crossed – landing my characters on a high-profile venue like an anthology would certainly help the series grow and find new readers.

And my unnamed RPG project just got a working code-name – GreyWorld – and metamorphosed from a big thing designed for the Italian market, into something humungously huge intended for the international market1.
Which means that everything I had written already was scrapped, and work started anew.
And humungously huge means I’m designing a world and gaming setting, and I’ll write some fiction set in that world, and I will manage and write a blog/website to support the whole enterprise…
Lots of work – but fun, really.
Also, working for the international, English-language market, came to me as a relief – and yes, I was surprised of this, but it was a nice feeling.
Watch this space for further news.

Anything else – yes!
The online virtual party for The Ministry of Thunder – Mr Publisher said Cool! and so we’re going to party like it was 1936… once again, watch this space for announcements, dates, times, dress codes, the works.

And this, as the guy said, is it2.
Not a bad start, for this new year.

  1. And I owe some apologies to the reader that a while back, in the comments, guessed my project was going to be in English – it was not at the time, but it is now. So it was No, now it is Yes. 
  2. No, actually I’m also starting as a student on three online courses – one to further my professional curriculum (about Environmental Resilience and Disaster Management – started yesterday), one for fun (about the archaeology of Stonehenge), and one to support my work on the GreyWorld project (about… ah, that would be telling! Maybe later, ok?) 

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

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