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Other People’s Pulps


What’s life without a good, large, massive, impossible project?


I was sitting quietly during a discussion about the good and the bad of New Pulp, the other night
Yes, those who know me will realize that this is unusual – I do not normally sit quietly during discussions… I pace about and talk a lot.
But when I have the opportunity to sit and listen while some of the best in the field discuss the field, well, I keep mum and take notes.

Then I made an observation*.

There’s a lot of new pulp fiction being written out there – not only in America, not only in English-speaking countries, but everywhere.
After all, I’m an Italian (but I’m a proud member of the European Community), and I do write pulp-ish stories, both in English and in Italian.
And my Italian language stories have a small affectionate pool of readers.

I absolutely MUST read this one

I absolutely MUST read this one

And I sighted, during my travels online, other pulps being published – in Spanish, for instance, and sometimes in French.
And I’m pretty sure the South American and Eastern European scenes must be there somewhere.
And what about Japan?
Considering the pulp goodness that comes in the form of Korean and Hong Kong movies, there must be someone out there writing the stuff.

So, here’s my huge impossible project for the days, weeks and years to come – try and survey the pulp fiction of others.
Other countries, other languages, other cultures.
A little like I did with my short posts about British pulp characters**, trying to give pointers to interested parties to start their own exploration.
It will not be thorough, it will not be systematic, it will be somewhat adventurous.
I’ll tag these posts Other People’s Pulps.
Let’s see what happens***.

After all, this blog takes inspiration from the old Silk Road, and along that ancient route ideas and stories traveled independently of languages and borders.

It will not be easy.
It will not be straightforward.
But it will be fun, I think.

And if someone out there feels like suggesting titles, authors, characters, online resources or stuff – well, any form of help will be much appreciated.

* See? You knew it would not last, right?
** Yes, Bulldog Drummond is long overdue.
*** If nothing else, I’ll brush up my languages.

Author: Davide Mana

Paleontologist. By day, researcher, teacher and ecological statistics guru. By night, pulp fantasy author-publisher, translator and blogger. In the spare time, Orientalist Anonymous, guerilla cook.

7 thoughts on “Other People’s Pulps

  1. Oooh… ablogging project! Break your leg – and have a nice journey!


  2. I think the best example from Norway, is the “Knut Gribb” stories. They have been written since 1908, all with the same protagonist, the police detective, and two-fisted hero Knut Gribb”. There have been short stories, novels and radio plays . The character was created by Sven Elvestad, a noted Norwegian crime fiction writer, but there have been many writers during the years. Noted adversaries are master criminal Thomas Ryer, who is an expert at disguise, and the adventuress Olga Barcowa, who wields Powers of mesmerism.


  3. You’rre the right man for this job


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