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Writing for a living

I have just started a new series on my Patreon page, about the nuts and bolts of writing when writing is not your tool to pull chicks, it’s what pays your bills and keeps you afloat. Nothing fancy, just a series of posts about how I solve certain problems, how I tackle certain issues.
And that’s how I call the series: Nuts & Bolts – Writing to make a living.

I’ll start with one 1000/1500-words post per month, for all those that support me with 1$ or more. Then we’ll see if the thing grows.
These posts will appear on my Patreon page exclusively, both in English and Italian. Because it’s good to be my Patron (or so they say).
Let’s see what happens.


It’s not the fall that kills you…

It’s a Chinese proverb – I think – that says you should beware what you wish for, because your wishes might come true.

Well, it’s right.
And I’ll talk about my personal matters for a while, if you don’t mind.

Ever since I was ten or thereabouts, I wanted to be a scientist and a writer.
Both things – I never saw a contradiction in being a scientist, a geologist, a paleontologist, and at the same time being a writer of fiction.
Some did, like the colleague in Turin University that asked me, in a rather chilly tone, how could I hope to be taken seriously as a scientist if I also wrote fantasy stories1.


And talking about writers, it’s a well documented fact that I have a passion for those old hacks of the pulp era – Walter B. Gibson, Norvell Page, Lester Dent.
Howard, Lovecraft and Smith.
Henry Kuttner and C.L. Moore, Edmond Hamilton and Leigh Brackett.
Edgar Rice Burroughs.
This is not an exclusive, of course – there’s a lot of earlier and later authors that I love, but the pulpsters always had a special spot in my heart (wherever that happens to be).
The idea of a lone writer, sitting at his desk, hammering out stories at breakneck pace to pay the bills while outside of his window the Great Depression rages on always fascinated me.

And indeed, it sounds exciting, when it’s happening to others. Continue reading