East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Running out of time

Both literally and metaphorically, that is.
And both globally and personally, in more than one way: I have a ton of things to do, time is running out on a number of deadlines, and one of these is for a 4000-words story about… time running out, for all of us.
Looks like my writing life’s become terribly meta, and all that.
And it gets better (well, sort of)

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Weird weekend

This week saw my debut as a music critic (yes, you are allowed to laugh) on a real music magazine, and also saw a few more projects pop up and take their place in the queue.
Now I just need a way to stop sleeping.

I have finished reading the new edition of Steven Alten’s MEG, and am now ready to go and see the movie.

1118561279In a related department, I’ve been reading Cetacean Paleobiology, one of those strange cases in which the profession written on my documents and what I do to pay my bills (when I manage to pay them!)
I still approach most of my writing “the science fiction way” – I need to document what I write, and keep it as real as possible. So what better than a book about the evolution of big frigging sea monsters as a source while I am writing a book about big frigging sea monsters?

And really, writing ancient megafauna books is great when you are a paleontologist – double the fun, double the excitement.

Now that I think about it, there’s a lot of ancient megafauna in my books.

And the book about sea monsters is going great – I might be able to finish the first draft this weekend.

Lambert et al

But I am also planning other entertaining things.
I did a piece on rural horror and weird fiction on my other blog, and now my fingers itch to write a short horror story. So, should I be able to clear my desk by 9 PM CET tomorrow night, I think I’ll fire up Google Docs and do a public writing session. Writing in public forces me to keep writing.
Can’t promise anything, but should I make it and do it, I’ll post a link here.

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Back to Old Shanghai

Shanghai-IncidentAnd just when it looked like I was well on my way to spending the next six months solid reading and writing about India (and steampunk) for GreyWorld, the Paris of the East lures me back again.

I’m currently doing some very preliminary work on a new project that promises to bring me back to old Shanghai1.

And yes, it does feel like some kind of obscure Oriental curse.

Obviously, first I’ll have to nail shut the box of my second novel, and my work on GreyWorld will continue, writing both the game setting and some setting-based stories.
And yes, there’s the minor matter of a new Aculeo & Amunet story, and one – or possibly two – new stories in the Asteria series.
Oh, and one, maybe two small-but-sweet gaming-related projects.
And a pitch I really need to have ready by August2.
But while all this stuff is cooking, I’m taking the Shangai books and maps and notes, photo references and everything else out of the storage box.
It will be fun.
Who needs sleeping anyway?

  1. and no, dear reader, it is not a new Sabatini story. 
  2. yes, I’m keeping busy.