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snake_400x400So, among the thing this Christmas brought me there is a pretty fastidious problem with my left eye.
Nothing tragic, I’m not wearing an eyepatch, but apparently too many hours spent in front of a monitor have taken their toll.

While I wait for my doctor to be back from his vacations, the only solution so far has been
a . reduce the time spent writing and reading (urgh!)
b . dim the monitor’s brightness.

And here things get tricky… Continue reading

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Scrivener – first steps

Scrivener (software)

So, how’s my life after ten days of Scrivener?
Not very different from before – I’ve still got bills to pay, I’m still looking for a day job and I’ve still a lot of stuff to write.
But at least on the writing side, things are taking an interesting turn.

Let’s see.
Scrivener for Linux installed without problem – I got the 64 bit, .deb file, and it runs on my old Ubuntu machine quite smoothly.
The tutorial was a breeze – fun, clear, and fast: I spent one afternoon going through it, and it set me up nicely to start working straight away. Continue reading