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The dog ate my homeworks

ellisonI could justify the delay in the completion of the final episode of AMARNA with some tear-jerker story about how shattered I was at the news of Harlan Ellison’s death.
And indeed, it felt like being punched in the face. Harlan Ellison looked like the kind of guy that would shrug off an inconvenience like dying.
I could make excuses about the fact that I had to work on two translations on whose sale hinges my ability to pay my mortgage.
That, and an article about Journey, the band.
I could simply claim that my PC fizzed as I was trying to update to Ubuntu 18.04, and I lost everything but my way home.

The fact is, I am still 8000-words short of the ending, and I have spent the whole day so far writing something else (distant peal of thunder).
There! Now you have it, what disgustingly undisciplined slob I am!
And I dare call myself a professional? Ah, I should be dragged on the Red Square and shot in the back as an enemy of the Revolution! Continue reading