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Kickstarting The Consultation of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes used to introduce himself as a “consulting detective” – one to which other detectives and police officers could go to for, yeah, a consultation, during their own investigations.
This side of Holmes’ business was not often presented in the Canon, and now Belanger Books, purveyors of fine Holmesian pastiches, has decided to tackle this issue by publishing a thick anthology, called The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes, that is currently being financed on Kickstarter.

The volume collects a selection of new apocryphal tales in which Holmes is merely the consultant, and other investigators take center stage, following cases until they get stumped, and need to compare notes with the gentleman living in Baker Street.

The Consultations of Sherlock Holmes includes my new story, The Consultation of the Edinburgh Smoker, in which Holmes will help a colleague working for an Edinburgh department store, investigating a baffling and apparently absurd crime – the theft of some gramophone needles.
I could add that the story was inspired by real events, but don’t you hate too when that label is bandied around?

So, here you go – if this sounds like your sort of thing, check the link provided.
The book will also be in shops as soon as the kickstarter is successfully closed, but by financing it through the Kickstarter platform, you get a load of extras, and help the authors make a little extra.