East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai

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Back to the Beach

CB-Season-1-CoverIn these hot, humid nights, I’ve gone back to China Beach, the 1988-1991 TV series reated by William Broyles Jr. and John Sacret Young, and with Homicide, Life on the Streets, up there at the very top of the Olympus of my favorite TV shows.
I discovered China Beach by chance in 1994-95, when a second-tier network broadcast it in Italy.
I was serving in the Air Farce at the time, and it was surreal, being in a military compound, wearing fatigues, and watch a show about men and women in fatigues, in a military compound.

The series takes place in an evacuation hospital during the Vietnam War – the first season takes place in the autumn of ’67.

The reasons for going back to that old series were basically two Continue reading