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A bundle of World SF & Fantasy

I’ve often mentioned how book bundles have been for me a good way to keep reading while money was tight. These days maybe money is not as tight as before, but I still check out regularly HumbleBundle, StoryBundle and, for my gaming needs, the Bundle of Holding. And today I happily splurged five bucks on the basic tier of the latest SciFi StoryBundle – a fine selection of world SF curated by Lavie Tidhar.

The basic level featured three books that are on my Amazon wishlist, plus one I did not know about – so, why not?
I saved money, I made sure some of my coins went into a charity, and now I have a few books to read, and a new author to discover.
All the books in the bundle come in multiple formats and DMR-free.

So, yes, please, check it out.
The selection features an Italian colleague of mine, too – and a fine novel published by my publisher, Acheron Books.
Just sayin’.


If only I had this back when…

Writing_a_Novel_in_Five_Days_While_Traveling_Cover_FinalI’m roughly halfway through the fourth episode of AMARNA (yes, I’m late), and I am taking a break to award myself a cup of tea and two biscuits, and to read a book I got with the latest Write Stuff bundle on StoryBundle.
The book is called Writing a Novel in Five Days While Traveling by Dean Wesley Smith.
I already told you about my current effort to increase my output – so that any book about increasing speed and writing in weird conditions interests me.
Also, I like Dean Wesley Smith’s attitude and approach to work, so there. Continue reading

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Story Bundle – Books on Writing (and more)

I mentioned it in the past – I love reading books about writing.
Handbooks, collections of essays, collections of interviews.
There’s always something useful – an insight, a suggestion, an idea.

Now, the StoryBundle guys have an offer up and running – six books about writing, freelancing and living the writing life, plus other six if you shell out enough cash.
The deal is pretty straight – you decide how much you pay, you decide how much goes to the authors, you decide if there’s a non-profit organization worthy of a 10% of your hard-earned money.

Considering that the full offer (six + six) included four titles that were already on my list, for me it was a no brainer.
Here’s the covers.
Think about it.

Screenshot from 2014-10-13 16:58:00