East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai



I have just signed a contract for my story Sapiens, that just as I had announced a few days back, will be featured in a magazine later this year. The magazine is called Dreamforge, and it’s my sort of thing.
And, also, is now on Kickstarter.

What I like about Dreamforge is their focusing on the positive. While I like dystopias just as the next guy, I really feel the need for something positive and optimistic. Which does not mean a problem-free world, but a world in which problems can be solved.

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“What I do is write stuff that I think is cool, which is what every good writer does. A hack will write what he thinks will sell. A good writer will write stuff that he thinks is cool, to the best of his ability. There are a lot of things I think are cool. And cloaks and swords — rapiers in particular — are definitely on the list. That doesn’t mean every book has them, but that’s what I gravitate toward.” [Steven Brust]