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Poetry for real men

In the end the instigators were, of all people, Robert E. Howard and Stephen Fry, quite an odd couple if you think about it. And weird things might come out of all this. But I am getting ahead of myself, so let me give you a bit of background here.

For the best part of my life I only owned three books of poetry: a selection of verses by John Donne, a collection of poetry by Edgar Allan Poe and one of haiku by Matsuo Basho. And this was it. My generation was taught a lot of poetry in school – but that amounted basically to learning verses by heart and then writing essays about what the poet meant by writing what he wrote (and not, strangely enough, the way he wrote it). It is reasonable to say that we learned more about metrics and rhythm and all that from the radio, by listening to rock’n’roll.

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Nazis. I hate these guys

nazis-i-hate-these-guys1Today’s video comes complete with a rant.
A very short rant.

I hate those individuals that proudly proclaim their being “Grammar Nazis”.
First – and it’s a purely ideological thing – I find anything, but anything, coupled with “Nazi” and then displayed proudly to be highly offensive.
Secondly, I find these characters’ obsession with grammar, synthax and phrase morphology (whatever that is) a poor excuse for the fact that they are as creative as gnats, but more self-centerd.
And it’s interesting to discover (see link down below) that the term originally referred to those that make mistakes, not those that correct them!

But enough of this.
Here’s a very fun, and highly intelligent video, featuring Stephen Fry‘s voice and opinions (which I undersign fully).