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Other People’s Pulps – Two by Jess Nevins

strange_tales_of_the_centuryOne of the best catches in my Lucca expedition was Strange Tales of the Century, by Jess Nevins.
This massive 500+ pages trade paperback is two things into one – and both are just great.

Strange Tales of the Century is a supplement for the Spirit of the Century roleplaying game of pulp action and adventure.
As such, it offers the reader a wide selection of characters, options, new stunts and perks and what not.
It also details the world between 1935 and 1951 from a pulp-fictional point of view.

I personally do not play the FATE System or Spirit of the Century, but the sourcebook is flexible enough to act as a much needed supplement for the old Aeonverse game Adventure! (that’s how I’m going to use it), or as a sourcebook for any other pulp/adventure game. Continue reading