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Guest Post – The World’s Most Lethal Snakes (2)

Here’s the second part of Ferruccio Gianola‘s top ten article about killer snakes.

The first part was marred by my horrid translation mistake – using poison/poisonous for the italian veleno/velenoso, instead of the correct expression, venom/venomous.
My apologies.
The mistakes have been corrected, and I thank again the surfers for their prompt correction, and their patience.

My apologies also to Ferruccio – who was not responsible for my mistake.

And now, the second part. Continue reading


Guest Post – The World’s Most Lethal Snakes (1)

This is an important first, for Karavansara.
This is the first guest post on these pages.

From the Italian-language blog OTIUM, guest blogger Ferruccio Gianola will entertain and inform us about the ten most lethal snakes in the world.
A subject that fits nicely (?) the theme of Karavansara – as a collection of informations about far away lands, and as a resource for adventure writers and readers.

Due to the length of the article, this top ten will be published in two parts.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, Ferruccio Gianola… Continue reading