East of Constantinople, West of Shanghai


I’d kill to write a story about these two characters

Autumn is obviously approaching, as ideas are once again flooding what’s left of my brain, and the need to organize the days becomes essential if I want to have a chance of doing everything and maybe be able to pay the bills. So…

  • morning – my ghostwriting project
  • lunch – put some order in the affairs of the podcast
  • afternoon – close the edit of the historical essay
  • dinner – a movie?
  • after-dinner – personal writing projects

Nice and smooth.

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Welcome to the caravanseray

Please don’t mind the noise and the dust
– we are still putting stuff up,
and designing certain elements of this blog.

Things will probably change in the next days.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

* * * *

This is the first post on this blog.
So, for the time being, a word of explanation and some hints at what’s coming.

As stated in the Info thingy, this blog is currently my English-language home.
I’m a paleontologist, moonlighting as an independent author.
I mostly write fantasy and pulp stories, and I’ve also published a number of essays on wild historical subjects such as explorers, dinosaurs, strange planets and old writers.
Some of them were also published in English (a list is forthcoming – with links and buying options).
While I keep blogging and writing in my native tongue – Italian – I’m also trying to expand into the English-reading world.

So, I need some practice and some time to get my bearings, and a reason to keep going despite my chronic lazyness – and in my experience, writing a blog is the best way to keep in shape, to keep the writing juices flowing, and to create a sense of commitment.
Hence, my new blog – Karavansara.

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