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Ron Fortier reviews The Ministry of Thunder

acheron_the__ministry_of_thunderNow this feels… strange.
But good, too!

You see, Ron Fortier‘s Pulp Fiction Reviews was the first blog I started following when I decided to get deeper into this pulp thing. You’ll find a link in the blogroll here on the right, and Ron’s reviews blog is still my first stop when I’m looking for something to read.
Heck, the man has sold me dozens of books! – including a handful that have become my faves.

So try and imagine my reaction when, checking my feed today, reader, I found this…

“The Ministry of Thunder,” is a rollicking tongue-in-cheek over-the-top pulp winner that completely won me over within its first few chapters. It’s Indiana Jones meets Bill Barnes with a touch of Kung-Fun thrown in to spice things up. It is the first Davide Mana book we’ve read and we certainly hope not the last.

This is more than graduating.
This feels like getting a PhD in pulp writing.

And yes, I do hope Sabatini will be back, too.

Check out Pulp Fiction Reviews‘ full piece about The Ministry of Thunder.

Me, I’m throwing a little party.


Rainy nights with Sgt. Janus

sgtjanusIt must be the season – it’s cold and rainy, and the countryside looks deserted and dreary.
I feel like ghost stories.
And while I’d like to go and write some, I’m having lots of fun reading the first book in the Sgt. Janus series, by Jim Beard, published by Airship 27.
Sgt. Janus, Spirit Breaker is a solid collection of stories that are at the same time very traditional and yet very original and fresh  and new.
This is exactly what I needed in these lonely rainy nights.
Sgt. Janus – the man himself – is a fine addition to a long gallery of occult detectives, and I’ll certainly check out the other books in the series (there’s one out, Sgt. Janus Returns, and more to come).


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Black Pulp

Black-PulpI’m currently reading Black Pulp, and a fine collection it is.
I like the idea, I like the execution.

Walter Mosley‘s introduction is a great love letter to the pulps of old – which is fitting for an anthology of stories that manage to update the old without throwing out what good was there in ancient (well, ok…) times.
The list of authors reads like a selection of the best writers in the field – Walter Mosley and Joe R. Lansdale, Gary Phillips, Charles R. Saunders, Derrick Ferguson, D. Alan Lewis, Christopher Chambers, Mel Odom, Kimberly Richardson, Ron Fortier, Michael A. Gonzales, Gar Anthony Haywood, Tommy Hancock…
All genres get covered, a gallery of great characters is deployed in the service of adventure.

It’s hard to single out one title in this selection of gems.
I’d be tempted to get my fanboy hat on and exclaim “there’s a new Dillon story in here!” – but it would be unfair to all the other fine stories between the covers of this great book.

And talking about the cover – the book is wonderfully designed, and it’s a pleasure to read.
Great work from the guys at Pro Se Press.
We want more.