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Insomnia Movies: a Night with Dr Anton Phibes, part 2

For reasons beyond fathoming, Robert Fuest’s 1972 Dr Phibes Rises Again was distributed with the title of Frustration, thus severing any connection with the previous entry in this short-lived franchise. But it was not frustration that caused me to watch this movie right after the first one, but plain old insomnia.

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A hot tea and an aspirin with Jerry Cornelius

And having spent the cold afternoon reading one of the English Assassin’s latest exploits, I curled up under a thick blanket, with a steaming cup of tea and an aspirin, and re-watched Robert Fuest’s The Final Programme, the 1973 movie loosely based on Michael Moorcock’s novel of the same title.

And this seems to be Fuest’s week here in my house – after the two Dr Phibes (from 1971 and 1972), now The Final Programme (1973) – and it becomes easy to spot the common themes in Fuest’s work: the surreal set design (Fuest was not only the director, but also the screenwriter and the set designer for Programme), the use of music-hall style music on the soundtrack, certain repeated camera angles.
So, what’s this all about?

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