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A one day vacation & microadventure, sorta

Contrary to my plans – I intended to stay at home and write – tomorrow I have to do some stuff in a couple of offices here in Nizza Monferrato, roughly 12 kilometers from where I live. It will mean spending the whole day out. The bit of bureaucracy I’m taking care of will require probably, say, half an hour, but there’s the small matter of my lack of an automobile.

The local bus might be a little tricky – the service’s been canceled or re-scheduled now that school’s out so that bus runs are not guaranteed.
As a solution, I’ll ask for a lift to a friend on her way to work, and I have already arranged with some other friends for a bite in the evening and then a lift back.
This means having the whole day to play at being a tourist in Nizza – fascinating market town as all readers of BUSCAFUSCO know, but de facto a one horse town, that you can cross on foot in half an hour.

So what?
Well, with my brother we’ve designed the day as a small vacation and microadventure – including street food, window-shopping, maybe some photos. We’ll also bring along thick paperbacks.
We’ll pretend we’re not Italians.
And I’ll have a notebook, to jot down ideas.
After all, what the heck, it’s summer, right?


Tourists in Nizza Monferrato


We are under the black cloud at the right of the AT sign.

So today we met our friends Silvia and Germano as they came to visit for the Halloween festivities. They are staying in Nizza, and we spent the afternoon talking and rambling around town. This being Monday, most of the shops and places of interest were shut down, and the town was deserted and dreary.
Well, OK, drearier than usual.
And it was a nice day to start our vacations.
We got pouring rain for most of the day – it’s been raining for over 48 hours now.
We found shelter in a cafeteria around 2 pm, as the sky grew dark and it looked like it was 7 pm at least. And when 7 pm came, and we were on our way to the pizza place for a bite, an icy cold wind started, and soon there were fire brigade trucks speeding around town because of crashed trees and other disasters.
But we survived untouched and relatively dry, and we spent most of the day talking books and writing and other silliness – including a nice discussion on the subject of immortality and how it should be represented in a story, that started as a general chat about urban fantasy, and turned into a quite interesting exchange of ideas.

Tomorrow, more of the same – hopefully with a better weather forecast.